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Your Grey Matters is a company that combines PSHE and RSE with mental health and wellbeing. With resources and training available on their website for teachers, children and home schoolers, it’s an essential product for schools and parents in this fast paced and ever-changing world. You can find out more about them on their website.

Our friends at Your Grey Matters have 13 activity downloads to help relieve stress and encourage children to think about their mental health. Stay tuned as we reveal more activity downloads coming soon!

Jar of joy! Download and print this activity to spread joy for yourself or for your loved ones!

How can you prevent stress? Download and check out these fantastic stress busters to clear your mind and boost your mood.

Download these fantastic bookmarks to help you talk about your feelings when you might be feeling down or anxious along with ways to stay calm!

What's your superpower? Superpowers can be used everyday to make people smile, so download this activity to think about yours!

How do you feel today? Download and print off these mood charts to start thinking about how you are feeling each day and discuss why?

This is a great way to share and understand your emotions with others!

Challenge your negative thoughts by writing down as many positives, to make the best out of a situation!

Staying at home is boring but it means you can spend time with your family!

Have a game of dominoes! 

Match the emotion with the correct facial expression and explore different ways as to how you may be feeling!

Positive affirmation bookmarks!

Use these bookmarks to remind yourself of all the positive things you are and can be!

What are the ingredients to make a good friend?

Learn about the different characteristics it takes!

Are these phrases true or false?

Play around and decide which phrases match to what a good friend should be!