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KidZania London Stem Fair

NOW Introducing KidZania London’s STEM Fair 2018! – Inviting you to discover an exciting blend of all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths from 20th-22nd June

Join us at KidZania London’s STEM Fair to explore a range of unique, fun-filled learning experiences, promoting STEM skills and career knowledge through lots of real-life activities.

By collaborating with STEM professionals, we have cleverly enhanced the activities in our city to support the learning criteria of pupils in Key Stage 1–3!

Here at KidZania we believe in ‘Learning by Doing’. By bringing the classroom to life in our city, we aim to boost children’s curiosity and imagination through curriculum-based role-play activities. 

We encourage pupils to test out their STEM skills and take control of their learning by immersing themselves in activities that inspire the development of important skills such as, critical thinking, problem solving and team work.

Once through our airport check-in, pupils will be able to discover lots of rewarding opportunities around city whilst also being introduced to possible careers and unleashing new skills. Whether your pupils are helping patients at our Hospital and A&E, or at the Bank depositing their hard-earned kidZos (our currency in KidZania!) – whatever they choose, all children will be able to enjoy a full STEM-focussed learning experience as they work, earn and play in an interactive and safe environment.