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Maths Celebration

You can count on us from the 20th April to the 7th May!

From the 20th April to the 7th May, children can explore the ways in which maths can be used every day in many careers and take part in our city-wide maths trail. Read on to find out more about the activities on offer …
Counting & Measuring

Counting & Measuring

  • From the 20th April to the 7th May, the KidZania Theatre becomes home to the Countdown Challenge – a unique activity that allows kids to work on their teamwork skills while testing their mental maths and problem solving – all whilst performing! Children will be using numerical skills counting in multiples, division, addition, subtraction and multiplication, important in ensuring their numerical fluidity.
  • In the Mission Deli Wrap Factory, kids will become bakers as they learn how to mix ingredients in creating their own super-soft wraps! Bakers will need to measure, weigh and mix ingredients, allowing children to explore units of measurement, capacity, weights and volume, perfect for accompanying KS1 and KS2 mathematics classes. 

​ Financial Measurement

​ Financial Measurement

  • Money, Money, Money! At KidZania, our currency, the KidZo, can be earnt and spent all around the city – you can even open your own bank account, complete with bank card once you’ve got 75 KidZos. With this in mind, our Maths Trail around the city allows kids to explore where they can earn or manage their money, by completing mathematical tasks on our specially designed worksheet. 
  • Kids will learn financial literacy whilst calculating percentages, fractions and budgeting. It will even get them enjoying careers they wouldn’t normally want to explore, after all – money makes the world go round!