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What is kidzaniaWhat is KidZania?

KidZania is a unique scaled city designed for kids aged 4-14 years. It's a place where children can have fun, learn, and explore through exciting role-play activities. With over 7,000 square meters of space, set over two floors, and more than 25 different careers to try, KidZania London offers an interactive experience like no other.

Fuelled by a child's natural curiosity, KidZania combines entertainment and learning in a progressive and inspiring way. Through realistic role-play, kids learn about various careers, how a city functions, and the importance of managing money. Each experience is designed to empower kids, boost their confidence, and inspire them to become responsible global citizens.

KidZania London provides experiences that are not only fun but also relevant to the skills needed in the global workforce, while also supporting National Curriculum Key Stage 1-3. We also embrace the multicultural nature of Great Britain, offering diverse entertainment and delicious food. It’s fair to say we take role-play to the max, using real-world scenarios to prepare kids for a brighter future.

Role playTaking Role Play to the Max

Role-playing is at the heart of KidZania. Children aged 4-14 years can immerse themselves in realistic experiences for 4-hours at a time, becoming firefighters, radio hosts, florists, pilots, surgeons, and more. Our passion for role-play has shaped our mini-scaled cities to cater to the needs of young people, providing a safe and inspiring environment where they can pretend to be adults.

*Children aged 8 years+ have the option to enjoy KidZania without a supervising adult to further grow their sense of independence and autonomy.

A cityA Realistic Scaled City for 4-14 Year Olds

KidZania's physical space is a kid-sized replica of a typical city. The city layout consists of numerous shops and establishments representing different industries. It's an immersive experience where children can explore their interests and interact with various role-play locations, including a hospital, police station, fire station, supermarket, radio station, theatre, and football stadium. We've created familiar urban environments to bring the KidZania experience to life.

*N.B. Activities involving food, e.g., Burger Bitez, Zweet TreatZ Bakery and Mission Wrap Kitchen involve an extra charge payable in GBP (not kidZos) so please bring cash or be ready to pay by card at the establishment on the day.


Earn an learnEarn as They Learn

KidZania also promotes financial literacy by teaching children about the economic cycle. Each KidZania city has its own currency called kidZo. Kids can earn kidZos through employment, use them to purchase goods and services, save in bank accounts, invest for the future, pay taxes, and make charitable donations to the community.

Upon arrival, each child receives 50 kidZos, which they can earn or spend as they participate in activities. During a 4-hour visit, children can expect to take part in around 5-6 activities. Afterwards, they can visit the dedicated shop to use their kidZos for treats, donate them to the PDSA charity, or save them for their next visit.

*N.B. If your child wants to buy food/drinks/refreshments during their visit, they can use GBP cash or their own GBP debit card, or redeem a Meal Deal voucher available to buy in advance or at check-in.