KidZania Book tickets

KidZania London is suitable for all children ages 4-14 years old. Key stages 1, 2 and 3 are catered for throughout the city.

All visits last for four hours.

Yes. You will need to book a drop off/pick up slot with Westfield London in order to use their bays. We strongly recommend that you book this as soon as your booking has been confirmed as spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Please note that KidZania London cannot be responsible for booking any transport for your visit.

To book a drop off/pick up bay:

Please email Westfield with the following information within 24 hours of your visit: 

  • Destination (KidZania London)
  • Name of Lead booker and School
  • Number of Passengers
  • Drop off/Pick up date and time
  • Driver Full name
  • Vehicle registration number

The Coach Drop off bay is situated on Ariel Way, which runs alongside Westfield London. Once ready, simply follow the footprints to the lifts which will bring you out next to KidZania’s main entrance.

Yes, if your school is located within a London Borough. You can submit an application and find out more here:   

KidZania is all about ‘doing’ and represents experiential learning at its very best. Every activity has been developed to cross-reference the new National Curriculum: Math, English, Science, Design and Technology, Computing and every subject are learned through the motivating medium of realistic role-play. However, the learning extends way beyond the curriculum and children will develop a wide range of essential skills and attributes including: team work, communication, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, global citizenship, digital literacy and resilience.

In KidZania our activities are run by 'Zupervisors'. These are adults who have been through an extensive training programme. All of our staff have been DBS checked.

Most activities last between 15 to 30 minutes, we anticipate a child being able to participate in between 5-6 activities during your 4-hour session.

Once inside KidZania, adults cannot participate in the role-playing activities except for the Theatre as the audience, Aviation Academy as passengers, A&E as patients, Stadium as spectators and tourists on the Tour Bus. The remaining activities only children are allowed inside the activity while teachers observe through the windows/doors. At no point will children be out of the sight of teachers during their KidZania experience.

If a child needs to visit the bathroom during an activity the Zupervisor (who is in charge of their children inside the activity) will provide directions to the nearest bathrooms. Unfortunately, the Zupervisor cannot wait until the child returns so they may miss some of the activity. Children below the age of 8 will have to be accompanied by their teacher.

KidZania is by its nature an inclusive environment. Activities have been designed to be practical and accessible. However, as a professional you know your children best and if you have any particular concerns please call us on 0330 131 3335 to discuss before making your booking. We will endeavour to meet your needs and those of your children.

Kids earn kidZos, the official currency of KidZania, with every job they perform. Recognised at every KidZania city throughout the world, kidZos are used to buy products and services in KidZania. The more kids work, the more they earn, and the more they can experience. Find out more.

In case of a fire, the Zupervisor of the activity will keep all children from their establishment together (including those queuing) and guide them to the assembly area. Fire Marshalls will be sweeping the city to guide visitors and staff to their nearest fire exit. This is part of a comprehensive evacuation procedure and in the interest of everyone’s health and safety, we ask that you follow instructions from our members of staff.

Teachers/adults are required to stay on site at all times during a school visit.

Primary School 1 adult to 5 students.

Secondary School 1 adult to 10 students.

Lost property will be handed in to our Lockers & Buggy Room, and will be kept for 4 weeks after being found. The Customer Services team will manage the process of reconciling items with visitors should they e-mail or call in. KidZania London cannot accept responsibility for items lost or stolen on KidZania London premises (including items left by schools in trolleys made available by us). Please see our Contact us page for more information.