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How it works

How it works

Right, here’s where you can find out how the city works and earn loads of kidZos! (KidZanian money).

When you get in to KidZania, you will find yourself at our British Airways Airport check-in area.

When you check in, you and your kids will each receive a security RFID bracelet. Kids also get 50 kidZos and a hairnet to wear underneath any hats or helmets inside the city. If your kids are aged 8 or above, you can check them in and pick them up at the end of their slot. 

Once inside, all kids aged 4-14 can independently explore the city and take part in the activities they choose. 

Activity duration range between 5 minutes and 50 minutes

Outside each establishment there is information detailing the capacity, duration and the salary or charge of the activity. Some activities have an age limitation of 7+ due to the nature of the content and skills required, therefore please check if there are any extra notes about age on the specific activity pages.

When your kids approach an activity, they must join the queue outside the establishment and wait for the next session. Be sure to follow the KidZania Queuing Laws when waiting for any activity. 

An average of 4 to 6 activities can be completed during your 4-hour visit depending on the activities you choose.

Take a look at our activities so your kids can prioritise and plan their day out to get the most from it!

To exercise independence for all the kids visiting KidZania, adults will not be allowed to enter the establishments

(Except for those wearing an awareness wristband)

See all activities

If the activity charges kidZos to take part, kids will be asked to pay at the start. If it is a salaried activity, kids will be paid when they have completed the activity.

The kids’ RFID bracelet will be scanned at the beginning and end of each activity they take part in.

When your 4 hours is up your bracelets will deactivate which sadly means it’s time to leave KidZania. 

Your kids can still spend their hard-earned kidZos at the Department Store inside the city to take away something to remember their visit, or even take their money home and use it on your next visit!

When exiting, head to the Immigration Office where your RFID bracelets will be removed and you will be checked out. 

Children aged 8 or above that were dropped off must be met by the adult that checked them in before they can be checked out. You have 30 minutes at the end of the 4-hour visit where you can enter the city to meet your kids.