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Based in Westfield London, Shepherd's Bush, KidZania London is the perfect indoor adventure for children aged 4-14 years old.

All children and adults are checked into the city with RFID wristbands that help ensure safety at all times. All children must be accompanied by an adult during the check in process, however, children aged 8+ can be left to explore the city whilst parents explore Westfileld London and shop til they drop!

Upon check-in to our KidZania City Airport, each child will be given 50 kidZos starting salary. This will help them spend or save once in the city!

Each time slot allows each child to explore the city for up to 4 hours. With such a wide range of activities that last from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes, children can expect to complete between 4 - 6 activities during their visit, meaning theres plenty of room to come back again and again! 

On arrival at each activity, children may be asked to queue before entering their chosen establishment to help us manage capacities. Outside each activity, you can find a Census Panel which shows how long each activity lasts, the number of children allowed in per session, how many kidZos can be earnt or how much their training will cost and any age limits on the activity.


With the help of our specially trained Zupervisors, children will role-play in their chosen professions for the time shown. They might become a KidZania reporter with Metro Newspaper, or choose to deliver the city's parcels or even help to tackle a blaze at The Flamingo Hotel! At the end of their sessions, kids will be rewarded for their hard work. KidZania's currency, kidZos allows children to learn the value of spending and saving. For specialist roles that require training, these activities will cost the children to learn their trade, but they provide great rewards!

For those children that have worked extra hard and earnt 75 kidZos or more, they can head to the National Bank of KidZania and get their very own credit card. Our city ATM Machines allow children to be in charge of their money, and can either save them for their next visit, or spend them in the Airport Store and reward themselves for their hard work!

We believe that all children have the right to be whoever they want in the future, and KidZania helps to empower children through realistic role-play adventures in a fun, safe learning environment. 


So, what are you waiting for? Come along to get the kids to start the learning, earning and playing!