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Children’s Spy Agency 

Job Role: Secret Agent                Industry Sector: Public Services

Welcome to the top-secret Children’s Spy Agency, where inquisitive minds can develop their spy, computing and coding skills.

We are looking for Secret Agents to help with finding clues, writing algorithms, and saving KidZania from a computer virus. Are you up to the challenge?

You will learn how to use your newly developed coding skills to discover how to problem-solve.

N.B. The topic of a computer virus may not appeal to some younger children 

With the B-KidZanian paZZport, you can earn, do more and pay less!

  • As a Naturalized Citizen you earn +2 extra KidZos!
  • As a Distinguished Citizen you earn +4 extra KidZos!
  • As an Honorable Citizen you earn +6 extra KidZos!

Salary:               Age: 4+ years


Kool Fact: The first programmer recognised by history is Ada Lovelace, a genius mathematician who worked on an analytical engine back in the 1800s.

KidZania Cares

To ensure the safety of all of our visitors, we have made changes to this activity.

As top-Secret Agents of the CIA, we will work remotely during these unprecedented times. We will limit time out in the field to ensure a reduction in face-to-face contact within the City.

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