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Courier Service

Job Role: Walking Courier                            Industry Sector: Public Services

Come and help us deliver some very important packages to the citiZens of KidZania to ensure they are delivered on time! Our team of Couriers are reliable and fast on their feet – does this sound like you?

Heading into the City, you’ll be responsible for the delivery and pickup of parcels and letters. Don't forget to look out for parcels that are delivered to and from the hospital. These contain human tissue, blood and organs!

Remember, don’t run! We don’t want any broken parcels.

You will learn the basic skills it takes to becoming a Courier and will be responsible for the safe delivery of different packages around our City.

Please see our SEND page for more information for those who need additional support.

With the B-KidZanian paZZport, you can earn, do more and pay less!

  • As a Naturalized Citizen you earn +2 extra KidZos!
  • As a Distinguished Citizen you earn +4 extra KidZos!
  • As an Honorable Citizen you earn +6 extra KidZos!

Salary:           Age: 4+ years


Kool Fact: Did you know that in the UK the average city-based courier will cover 1400 miles in a week? 

KidZania Cares

To ensure the safety of all of our visitors, we have made changes to this activity.

At the Courier Service, the safety of our couriers and customers is our number one priority! We will take extra precautions when completing jobs across the City. We will be working on a contactless-delivery service, meaning parcels will be left on doorsteps and no signatures will be required upon delivery. Material of the packages we sent have also been changed to ensure easier cleaning.

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