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Courier Service

Our team of couriers are cheerful and fast on their feet – does that sound like you? Make a quick kidZo by delivering parcels for the KidZania Express Courier Service, delivering and picking up packages around the city. You’ll be responsible for up to three parcels on your route, which you will deliver using a trolley or satchel.

With the B-KidZanian paZZport, you can earn, do more and pay less!

  • As a Naturalized Citizen you'll earn 8 KidZos!
  • As a Distinguished Citizen you'll earn 10 KidZos and be responsible for a special item delivery!
  • As an Honorable Citizen you'll earn 12 KidZos and be doing a V.I.P Delivery!

This activity has visual aid available inside the establishment for children who require additional support. Please see our SEND page for more information.

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