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Police Department

Police Officer

We need your kids to help us keep the streets of KidZania safe! They can join our police force and help us to maintain law and order in the city. After completing the training, they will need to stay vigilant and make sure no laws are broken. Working with their fellow officers they will go out on beat patrol, ready to assist with any emergency calls

With the B-KidZanian paZZport, you can earn, do more and pay less!

  • As a Naturalized Citizen you'll earn 10 KidZos!
  • As a Distinguished Citizen you'll earn 12 KidZos and become a Patrol Leader, wear a Yellow Hi-visability vest, lead a chant and become a Patrol Leader!
  • As an Honorable Citizen you'll earn 14 KidZos and become a Police Chief, wear a Yellow Hi-visability vest and carry out a site inspection!

This activity has visual aid available inside the establishment for children who require additional support. Please see our SEND page for more information.

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