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What are kidZos?

Work, earn, spend and save!

Just like in the real world, children can learn the value of money with the help of KidZania's very own currency, kidZos. 

As part of the immersive role-play experience that KidZania offers, children can reap the rewards of their hard work and gain financial literacy through learning how to budget, spend or save their money.

Upon check-in to the city, each child aged 4-14 will receive 50 kidZos. Children can then choose how they manage their money throughout their visit. They could invest in specialist training in certain roles such as Firefighter or Airline Pilot or work in a number of other activities and be paid for their hard work!

Once children have earnt 75 kidZos, they can head to the National Bank of KidZania where they can receive their very own bank card. They can use this at the bank and various ATM's in the city to withdraw or add kidZos, or keep it handy for the next time they visit! 

When each child's 4 hours are up, they can choose to save their kidZos for their next visit, or spend them on items in our Department Store opposite H&M Recycling Studio.

Did you know? kidZo's are a global currency and work across all of the 27 KidZania's around the world, so don't forget them on your holidays!

Please note that kidZos have no monetary value outside of KidZania