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What are kidZos?

Work, earn, spend and save!

Just as in the real world, children can earn and spend money when taking part in activities. We have our own currency called kidZos that can be used in all the KidZania cities around the world.

As part of the realism of KidZania, children will reap the benefits of the working world by gaining financial awareness through learning how to budget, spend and save their money.

Upon entering KidZania, each child aged 4-14 will receive 50 kidZos in cash. They then choose how they manage their money throughout their visit.

Children also have the option to open their own personal savings account at the Central Bank of KidZania with a minimum deposit of 75 kidZos. They will receive their own bank card which they can use to pay for activities or have their salaries wired directly to their account. The best thing about having an account is it even gains interest, so you can earn extra kidZos between visits!

 • Please be aware that kidZos have no value outside of KidZania.