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British Airways

Aviation Academy

Cabin Crew

When your kids work as a Flight Attendant, they will learn all about the importance of safety and service. They will learn how to communicate important information to everyone on board, such as where the emergency exits are and how to put on life jackets! Cabin Crew will also learn how to serve drinks and snacks to their passengers.

Cadet Pilot

Kids can learn how to take to the skies as a cadet at our Aviation Academy. When in training, they will use a state-of-the-art flight simulator – based on an actual A-319 plane! Once they are sat in front of the controls, they will learn how to fly and land a plane - whilst facing different challenges that a pilot might find in the air.

*Please note that this activity opens 1 hour after our opening time. If we open our doors at 10 am, this activity will be accessible from 11 am onwards.




Flight Attendant 


Cadet Pilot 

Parents are welcome to come aboard and participate as passengers.

British Airways, often shortened to BA, is the flag carrier and the largest airline in the United Kingdom based on fleet size. When measured by passengers carried, it is second-largest in the United Kingdom behind easyJet.

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