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School Visit Terms & Conditions



1.1 KidZania London is operated by Edutainment Operations Limited (“we”, “us” and “our”). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 12299506 and have our registered office at: 100 New Bridge Street London EC4V 6JA. Our main trading address for correspondence is KidZania London, Unit 5001, Service Yard B, Ariel Way, Westfield London W12 7GA. We are a limited company.

1.2 All enquiries are to be directed to the Reservations Team on 0330 131 3333 or by e-mailing us at

1.3 These Terms & Conditions (“Conditions”) set out all the terms and conditions upon which we provide you and your guests (“you” and “your”) with access to KidZania London.

1.4 In these Conditions “Premises” shall mean the Kidzania premises located at Westfield London, Ariel Way, London, W12 7GF. 


2.1 School bookings are only available for Mon-Fri during UK school term time only.

2.2 School bookings and enquiries can be made on the phone with our Reservation Team on 0330 131 3333.

2.3 A school group shall designate a teacher or other qualified adult as the teacher in charge of the booking and of the group on the visit date (the “Group Lead”) and shall notify our Reservation Team of the name of that person at the time of requesting a booking.

2.4 Should it be necessary to change the “Group Lead” the school shall inform our Reservation Team at its earliest opportunity and in any event at least 24 hours before the visit of the school group to KidZania London.

2.5 A school group must consist of at least 15 students.

2.6 We offer free adult tickets for teachers accompanying a school group within the recommended adult-to-student ratios below:

2.6.1 1:5 for Nursery Schools;

2.6.2 1:5 for Primary Schools;

2.6.3 1:10 for Secondary Schools.

2.7 A school group must where possible provide our recommended adult-to-student ratios.

2.8 If a school group cannot provide our recommended adult-to-student ratio the Group Lead must contact our Reservations Team on 0330 131 3333.

2.9 Advance notification of groups with a significant proportion of children with disabilities or special educational needs is required so their needs can be accommodated to ensure the best possible experience. Risk assessment pre-visits are recommended.


3.1 We offer school lunches for pupils and teachers.

3.2 Orders of school lunches for pupils and teachers shall be made at least two weeks before the visit of the school group to KidZania London on the phone with our Reservation Team on 0330 131 3333 or by email at


4.1 Amendments to bookings can only be made:

4.1.1 by the Group Lead, in the case of a Home Education Group; and

4.1.2 before payment for the visit of the school group to KidZania London is made; and

4.1.3 upon payment of a fee amounting to £15 (except for the first amendment to a booking which can be done without charge).


5.1 School groups must make a single payment for their visit.

5.2 Payment is due at the time of booking and can be made either by credit/debit card or BACS. Booking will only be confirmed after full payment is cleared.

5.3 School prices cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, discounts or third party payment methods.

5.4 Please note that bookings are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, void if altered and non-refundable.

5.5 Payment must come directly from the school (which, in the case of a Home Education Group, means the Group Lead), and not from a third party.

5.6 Any adult of a school group visiting KidZania London with a child under the age of 1 shall buy a ticket at our Family Visit Rate. Such ticket may be purchased by the adult through our Reservation Team via phone on 0330 131 3333 or at our Kiosk.


6.1 We offer one free teacher planning visit for every school group which has booked tickets to visit KidZania London.

6.2 Up to three teachers from the booked school group are entitled to be given a tour of KidZania London, which lasts approximately an hour.

6.3 Children are not allowed on the teachers’ tour.

6.4 All teacher planning visits must be booked in advance by completing and signing the form provided by our Reservation Team.


7.1 A school group must check in and out as a complete group.

7.2 At check-in, photographic proof of identity (copy of photo driving licence, valid passport or official school ID) of the Group Lead will be required.

7.3 It is our clear expectation that:

7.3.1 all accompanying school staff will remain on site within KidZania London with their pupils for the entire duration of the visit; and

7.3.2 all accompanying school staff ensure that their pupils are supervised at all times.

7.4 Each school group must have the correct adult-to-student ratio (1:5 for Nursery Schools; 1:5 for Primary Schools; 1:10 for Secondary Schools) within the premises for the duration for the visit.

7.5 Accompanying school parties must not consume alcohol on the premises.

7.6 IMPORTANT: The entry of a child to KidZania London whether with or without a parent or guardian, with a school, with a group or corporate booking or otherwise is deemed to be consent to that child undertaking all of the activities available at KidZania London.

7.7 Children remain the sole responsibility of the Group Lead and the school at all times during the visit of the school group.

7.8 The school (which, in the case of Home Education Group, means the Group Lead) shall ensure that the Group Lead, accompanying adults and children are aware of and comply with these terms and conditions and with the terms and conditions for tickets and entry; please read HERE.

7.9 In the event that any member of the school group breaches any of these terms and conditions, KidZania London shall be entitled at its sole discretion to refuse the school group access to KidZania London or to require the school group to vacate KidZania London or part thereof.

7.10 If, in the view of KidZania London, the behaviour of any member of a school group is likely to adversely affect the safety or enjoyment of other visitors or members of the KidZania London team, or cause any property damage; KidZania London shall be entitled at its sole discretion to require the school group or part thereof to vacate KidZania London.

7.11 We have the right to revise and amend these Terms from time to time by notifying you or placing updated Terms on our website. You may not vary these Terms unless agreed in writing with us. You will be subject to the Terms in force at the time that you bought Tickets to KidZania London (unless otherwise notified in writing).

7.12 Trollies are provided to store coats and bags during your School visit to KidZania London. All items, belongings and other property brought into KidZania London by visitors shall be at such visitor's own risk and KidZania London accepts no liability for the loss or damage to such property. KidZania London advises that visitors do not bring valuables to KidZania London. Secure lockers are available upon request and subject to a fee and availability.