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Forecourt & Energy Lab

Job Role: Shell Energy Champion                               Industry Sector: Transportation

Calling all Shell Energy Champions – the world around us is changing and we need your help! Learn about the energy of today and tomorrow in two unique settings.

From helping customers in the Forecourt to reinventing energy as we know it, you will champion all things energy!

You will have a clear understanding of the importance of energy in today and tomorrow’s society and have a go at creating your own form of sustainable fuel. 

With the B-KidZanian paZZport, you can earn, do more and pay less!

  • As a Naturalized Citizen you earn +2 extra KidZos!
  • As a Distinguished Citizen you earn +4 extra KidZos!
  • As an Honorable Citizen you earn +6 extra KidZos!

Salary:            Age: 4+ years


Kool Fact: Did you know that transport makes up a quarter of the world’s energy use… that’s a lot of energy! 

KidZania Cares

To ensure the safety of all of our visitors, we have made changes to this activity.

As Shell Energy Champions, we want to make sure our teams are always safe and happy in the workshop so we will work in a reduced team to ensure responsibilities are evenly distributed.

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