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Congratulations to our winner, Livia Stone!

Congratulations to our winner, Livia Stone!

In November 2020, the search was on to find our new Mayor of KidZania London for 2021! We asked applicants to answer the question “What are the first three things you’d like to add to KidZania London if you become Mayor and why?”, being as creative as they liked!

We were overwhelmed with the number of entries we received, totaling in over 100 applicants! After careful consideration and several interview phases, we selected our winner!

Drum roll please...introducing the new Mayor of KidZania London, Livia Stone!

Livia had some fantastic ideas, including:

- An adults area for adults to enjoy things just the same as kids would!

- A kids courtroom with a judge, lawyer, witnesses, court reporter, court jury and even a kid criminal!

- A kid-run restaurant where you could make menus from ready-made snacks and serve them to hungry children at lunch time!

Get to know Livia!

As Mayor it is important that everyone gets to know you! We can't wait for Livia to get into the city and start her Mayor duties, but for now we thought we'd introduce you to her and share some of her interests...

What is your favourite activity at KidZania?

"My favourite activity in Kidzania would have to be Capital FM. I love acting and reading scripts, as well as music. This activity combines all of my favourite things to do!"

What is your favourite school subject?


Who/what do you want to be when you grow up?

"I think that I would like to be an Olympic swimmer when I grow up, either that or an actress or fashion designer."

What is your favourite hobby/hobbies?

"My favourite hobbies are swimming, debating and doing art."