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“Just like everything else, school now looks a lot different for children.”

Kate Brockman - Teacher
Dear me,

Dear me,

Hello small Kate, you would have never have guessed what is going on in the world right now! I am writing to you to tell you all about a global pandemic that we are currently in which was caused by a horrible virus called COVID-19, and to tell you what you are getting up to now!

First of all, let me tell you a little bit about this scary virus. Sadly, because it is very infectious and dangerous to lots of people, we had to go into a lockdown! This was a very scary time as you weren’t able to see your friends or your family. This has meant that a lot of things have changed for some people, and we are looking at a new way of normal for living as sadly there is no cure for the spread of the virus yet. As you may be thinking, this has meant that some people have sadly not been able to work through this terrible time. However, you are very lucky as you are now a primary school teacher and you have been very important in continuing to teach children through the pandemic!