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Join us for Careers Week from the 3rd - 5th March

Careers Fair is back!

Careers Fair is back!

KidZania London always provides a fun and educational way for kids to learn about careers that may be open to them in the future, but during two special events that are taking place in 2020, kids can delve further into the world of work, learning the skills needed to bag their dream job alongside real professionals from various careers. Especially aimed at secondary schools, these series of free workshops on offer around the city assist in ticking off one of the Gatsby Benchmarks, giving pupils a chance to meet employers and employees from various careers.

Career professionals from companies including PDSA and British Airways will be in and around the city from the 3rd - 5th March, allowing children the chance to embark on real-life career based workshops including Pet First Aid and much more!

CV Writing and Interview Skills Workshops

CV Writing and Interview Skills Workshops

From the 3rd – 5th March 2020, kids can enjoy free workshops which allow them to put their skills into practice including:

CV Writing workshops (for ages 7+years)

Kids will learn what a CV is used for, what makes a good or a bad CV, and then create their own using the jobs that they have completed on their explorations around the city. Once completed, children can drop by our job centre and take home their very own letter of recommendation from KidZania London – making them infinitely employable to any job they apply for (in the city, that is!)

Interview Skills (for ages 9+ years)

Children can learn the do’s and don’ts of interview techniques, and understand the importance of research and preparation for any interviews they may face. Whilst exploring the city, kids must observe what skills are needed for each career, before reporting back to their group leader.

These workshops will run in turn throughout the days in The Loft on the Mezzanine level of the city.

London’s Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance

London’s Air Ambulance Charity delivers rapid response and cutting edge medical care to save lives in the city, and we are proud to bring them to KidZania for several events throughout 2020.

Introducing children to the work of the air ambulance service, the various roles in the team and the lifesaving service the charity provides, the team will also bring along a larger than life giant Operation game to test kids knowledge of the human body – perfect for those looking at careers in science, medicine or helicopter piloting!

The team will be based in the theatre on the 3rd, 4th & 5th March as well as the 10th, 11th and 12th March. 

The Young People Index

The Young People Index

On the 3rd and 4th  March, The Young People Index will be hosting workshops in our Clubhouse on the Mezzanine Level, suitable for secondary school children.

Children will learn more about self-awareness and why this is important now and in their future. During the session, children will explore how they contribute to and work within a team by attempting to build the tallest spaghetti or marshmallow towers. Children must utilise their key skills learnt to make sure they work well in their teams. 

To solidify their new found knowledge, kids will be rewarded with 10 KidZos each!


Workshops Available During Careers Fair 2020

  • Careers-related workshops (For 6 + years)

In addition to the above,  there will be a series of careers-related learning workshops for students to discover jobs within the industry, what skills and equipment are required to carry out these jobs well and will include a roaming activity around the city.

Learning outcomes: KS2-3 PSHE & Citizenship; Careers and World of Work. Opportunity to learn about the world of work, giving examples of the main types of employment in these areas. Students will reinforce their understanding of these jobs through observation and application whether by interviewing, observing the use of technology or writing their own story.

  • Careers in public services: Students will gain an understanding of what jobs are available in the public services within the City of KidZania and the main quality every employee in the public service’s needs which is caring for others! To complete their workshop successfully, students will be tasked in performing interviews around the City to ask public service workers in their establishments what it takes to do their job well.
  • Careers in hospitality and retail: This workshop begins with an introduction to what hospitality and retail are and to discuss which jobs in our City sit in this sector. Students will be asked to roam the City and consider how technology has made services for the general public more convenient and to report back on their findings.
  • Careers in entertainment: Entertainment is a big part of our culture, students will learn the range of jobs prevalent in our City that provide entertainment to the general public and appear through different media like TV, radio and theatre. Students will then find hidden words around the City that provide character descriptions, setting and story themes of which the students will then need to collectively create their own story to report.

These workshops will be run in turn throughout the day in the KidZania National Library on the Ground Floor

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