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Bring the classroom to life with KidZania's exciting Schools Events!

Bring the classroom to life with KidZania's exciting Schools Events!

Step Into University - Wednesday 23rd - Thursday 24th May 2018

Invite your class to sign up for a STEM degree and graduate from the KidZania London University! Enhance the STEM learning as your students WORK, LEARN & PLAY! National charity Remap will also be joining us in integration with Middlesex Cricket Club, inspiring children to become engineers and create solutions to scenarios to help disabled people achieve greater independence and quality of life. Subjects: KS1-3, PSHE, Maths & Science

CLICK HERE to find out about Step Into University!

STEM Fair - Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd June 2018

Enjoy a full STEM-focussed learning experience with our range of unique, fun-filled activities and curriculum based role-plays that are cleverly enhanced to support pupil’s learning criteria.  Subjects: KS1-3, Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Design


STEAM Week - Friday 21st September 2018

Inspiring pupils to develop their art and design skills with the breadth of different career-based activities available at KidZania.  Subjects: KS1-3, Technology, PSHE, Art & Design

Business & Careers Festival - Thursday 11th - Friday 12th October 2018

Encouraging pupils to build their entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy through our ‘Learning by Doing’ philosophy!  Subjects: KS1-3, PSHE & Business

Parliament Week - Wednesday 14th - Thursday 15th November 2018 

Celebrating Parliament Week by inspiring pupils to engage in democracy with exciting guest speakers! Discovering more about our centuries-old institution, this is an event not to be missed!  Subjects: KS1-3, History & PSHE

Careers Fair - Wednesday 23rd - Friday 25th January 2019

A special 3-day event, filled with valuable insight into lots of different careers, including motivating career talks from industry professionals, expert advice and lots more!  Subjects: KS1-3, PSHE & Business

World Book Day - Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th March 2019

Join our World Book Day celebrations with activities enhanced to promote pupil’s English skills and boost their enthusiasm for reading and writing!  Subjects: KS1-3, English & PSHE

Science Week - Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th March 2019

Kicking off British Science Week with curriculum based activities that bring STEM to life for your pupils!   Subjects: KS2-3, Science, Maths, Design, Technology & PSHE

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