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Bring Learning to Life at KidZania London's Maths Celebration! - May 2019!

Bring Learning to Life at KidZania London's Maths Celebration! - May 2019!

How to Manage Finances!

It’s important to manage your kidZos! Here at KidZania, we teach children to earn, spend and save their money and once kids have saved 75 kidZos, they can set up a bank account at the Bank and deposit their hard-earned cash - just like real life! Kids will be issued with bank cards and they can use these to deposit more kidZos or withdraw kidZos straight from the ATMs in the city!


Join us at the KidZania National University for a special Geometry Degree! Kids will learn how shapes are everywhere! They will be challenged to identify shapes and create tessellations! 

Download our worksheet and certificate so your students can get involved and take away what they’ve learnt whilst at KidZania.


Counting & Measuring

Visit the Theatre and take part in our KidZania Countdown Challenge! In teams, kids will compete in a series of number challenges! Kids can test their mental maths, problem-solving and develop their teamwork skills in this fun activity and the winning team will receive a special prize! Please check full schedule outside the Theatre.

Timings on weekdays (excluding bank holidays): 11am and 2pm

Timings on weekend (including bank holidays): 11am, 1.15pm, 2.45pm and 5pm. 

As a Supermarket employee, kids can work in the bakery, meat counter or pharmacy! Counting money and giving correct change, kids will test their number skills working as cashiers at the checkout! Will there be any unexpected items in the bagging area?

In The Vault, kids will learn how to spot fake currency under a UV light, before working as Vault Guards – where they will deliver and collect kidZos across the city! Counting money from all inbound & outbound deliveries - the Vault Guard is a very important job! In this activity, kids will become experts on all things currency!

At the Mission Deli Wrap Factory kids will become Wrap Bakers and learn how to make delicious, super-soft wraps! Wrap Bakers will need to measure, weigh and mix ingredients to create the perfect wrap and once finished, kids will take home their own pack of wraps to share with friends & family! 


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