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Check out our latest #KidZaniaAtHome activity packs, free to download! Become a doctor, hairdresser or even astronaut for the day and explore all the exciting jobs there are to get stuck into!

Remember to share your creations with us on social media using #KidZaniaAtHome!

Activity Booklet

Download and print off our fun-packed Activity Booklet for hours of fun that’s sure to keep your kids amused.

The booklet includes 12 fun-filled pages of colouring-in, mazes, dot-to-dot, and word search puzzles to explore and enjoy. 

For all ages and all levels!

Calling All Doctors and Nurses!

We need your help more than ever! 

Become a health hero and join the team at Alder Hey Children's Hospital by preventing emergencies at home! 

Download and print off our Hospital Activity pack to start your day as a doctor or nurse!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Missed out on an Easter egg hunt? Don't worry!

Download and print off our Easter activity, where you can hide our RightZkeepers around your house to create the ultimate Easter egg hunt!

We can't wait to see all of your sneaky hiding places!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Ever dreamed of being the star of your own show? 

Are you a modern-day Shakespeare? 

Well, then KidZania’s Acting Academy is calling your name!

Say Cheese!

What could you do for 2 minutes whilst brushing your teeth?

With all the chocolate we have, it is important to keep our mouths healthy!

Download our dentist activity pack to learn about your teeth and how to keep them sparkly clean! 

Style Your Own Hair!

Want to change up your hairstyle? 

With the barbers and hairdressers closed temporarily, now is the perfect time to experiment with some new looks (don't worry, no scissors are involved!)!

Download our activity pack for some style tips to create your perfect hair look!

3...2...1 LIFT OFF!

Launch into our space activity pack...where you can choose what path our rocket takes through our solar system!

Think about all the incredible sights and colours you will see, how big each planet is!

Download now and become one of our astronauts! 

Make Your Own Kool Clothes!

If we can't go out and buy clothes, let's make our own! 

Become top designers using old clothes and materials that will turn you into a fashion icon!

Download now to find out all the kool ways you can make new clothes!

Shhhh, Quiet In The Library!

Ever wondered what it's like to be a librarian? 

Create your own library cards and tickets so your family can borrow your books in your library!

Download our library activity pack now...happy reading!

Let's Get Wrapping!

What is your favourite filling in a wrap?

With our tip-top cooking instructions, you are now in charge of the kitchen!

Download our Mission Deli activity pack and jaZZ up your wraps! 

Find Your Dream Job!

Here at the KidZania Job Centre, we have made a step-by-step process to help you!

From learning about your skills to writing kool CVs, you will discover professions perfect for you!

Download our job centre activity pack to find out more!

Boarding Pass Please!

Create the perfect vacation from the comfort of your own front-room!

Think about check-in, security, boarding and even safety briefs as you become part of British Airways' airport staff!

Download our British Airways activity pack to find out more!

Fire, Fire!

Have you got what it takes to become part of our Fire & Rescue Service?

Spotting all the different hazards in your own home is a great way to prevent fires from happening!

Download our firefighter activity pack to learn more about fire prevention!

Test Your Maths Skills!

Become a banker and help out our citizens with their money problems!

You can even create your own banknotes!

Download our bank activity pack to learn all about the system!

You Are Under Arrest!

Do you want to catch criminals? Then you are just the person we need!

Can you identify the criminal from their fingerprint or take a mugshot for the records?

Download our police activity pack to become the ultimate detective!


Surprise everyone in your household by making their beds for them!

A good night's sleep is important for everyone, so having a freshly made bed is even better!

Download our hotel activity pack to see what it takes to work in a hotel!

Welcome to K-Market!

Learning about the variety of foods there are is a great way to keep on top of being healthy!

Our supermarket activity pack lets you create your own food plan to track what you eat!

Download now to find out more!

All Aboard!

If you had control of the City Tour Bus for one day, where would you take us?

Dive deep into your imagination and map out all the wonderful places and people we would see!

Download our City Tour Bus activity pack and become our tour guide for the day!

Cleaning Made Fun!

What unusual items can you use to clean around the house?

Walnuts, ketchup and salt! They are all things you can use to make the place looking spick and span!

Download our cleaning activity pack to see all the different items!

Breaking News!

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

A good news story comes from following the 5 Ws!

Download our newspaper activity pack to share your news story and become a top journalist!

Incoming Mission!

As an official CIA agent, you will need to keep messages TOP SECRET!

Using our highly acidic spy device, only other spies and trusted friends will be able to decode them!

Download our CIA activity pack to find out more about this latest device!


If you had a band, what would you name it?

Create your own instruments and own music, using materials from around your house!

Download our music studio activity pack and get creating!

Wow Your Listeners!

Ever wanted to become a radio presenter or create a podcast?

Well, now is your chance! 

Download our radio station activity pack to wow your listeners!