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Join Parliament Week at KidZania, designed to teach kids all about the world of politics, debating and current issues! - On 5th – 7th November 2019!

Parliament Week at KidZania

Parliament Week at KidZania

Back for another year, we are hosting our own Parliament Week 2019 with a series of thought-provoking activities and workshops in celebration of UK Parliament Week! Empowering students to have their own say and to discover what a career in politics is like, we will be providing hands-on experience of the UK political system through voting and debating sessions.   

We have partnered with WWE and NSPCC to support Anti-Bullying Week by encouraging kids to discuss how we can help tackle the challenges around bullying.

Learning Outcomes: Key Stage 1-3 PSHE and Citizenship – build awareness on democracy and justice, respecting differences through understanding both points of views on a topical issue, knowledge of our rights and freedom of opinion in a democratic process

Activities to look forward to at KidZania's Parliament Week 2019

Activities to look forward to at KidZania's Parliament Week 2019

► Exciting Debating Sessions - Location: KidZania Theatre

Hear ye, hear ye! Our KidZania Government has proposed two new motions within our version of the ‘House of Commons’ located in the Theatre. 

Motion 1: This House calls for the end of non-recyclable plastic used in our City at KidZania.

Motion 2: This House proposes that KidZania should fine 5 kidZos for bullying behaviour in our City.

Our debating session will run twice across the day, with the opportunity to debate on both motions within each session. Students will be called upon the stage to either be in group “Proposers” (For the motion) or group “Opposers” (Against the motion). We encourage all students to pre-prepare their debate for these motions in class before their trip to KidZania, however we will have cue cards available to assist them.

► Have your say in our polling station - Location: Library

We ask all children at KidZania to make their vote count on key topical issues.

► 'Learn To Debate' workshop with Usborne Books - Location: The Loft

Kids can explore how to deliver a successful political debate using the 'Politics for Beginners' book from Usborne Books! Kids will gain an understanding of arguments for and against important topics and learn why and how we debate in a political environment. They can then use their skills in Debating Sessions in the Theatre!

► Get a Politics degree! - Location: University  In the University, kids can broaden their knowledge of the UK political system with our politics degree! They will be asked to allocate the KidZania Government budget across different sectors, but this becomes even more challenging when they must reallocate based on budget cuts! Which sector should have the same, less or more budget? Well, that’s up for debate! Once they have completed their degree, kids will receive a certificate.

► We will be introducing two new workshops, with more information to follow. They will cover:

1. Creating a political party - in groups, kids will have a chance to develop their own political party, considering their manifesto in relation to KidZania and how they would communicate their party in our City.

2. Policy-making: students will be asked for ideas on how to tackle bullying in their school, producing a bill to put forward as law to the KidZania Government.

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