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8 Tips for feeding birds with RSPB

This February half term, we’ve teamed up with the Royal Society of the protection of Birds, the country’s largest nature conservation charity to help teach you the best ways to look after birds this winter and provide some handy tips to help your feathered friends at home.

Read on to discover some easy and practical tips to get your kids involved in giving nature a home and helping to protect birds in your garden.

1.) Put out food and water regularly. During cold weather, birds need food high in fat to help keep them warm. During spring and summer, birds need food high in protein.

2.) Make sure to clean your bird house or bird feeder regularly so that uneaten food doesn't build up.  

3.) In spring and summer months, some common bird food choices such as peanuts and other whole nuts are best avoided as they can be harmful to chicks. Instead put out sultanas, raisins or mild grated cheese. Find out more about the best foods to use and when on the RSPB website, in their handy guide on when to feed garden birds.

4.) mixed bird food containing flaked maize, sunflower seeds and peanut granules are a great option as lots of different types of birds can eat it.

5.) Fat balls and bars are perfect winter bird foods, but make sure to take the nylon mesh bags off before putting them out! Or you can make your own using fat (suet or lard) and a mixture of seeds, nuts, dried fruit and other suitable ingredients. Find out how to your own fat balls in this safe food for birds guide.

6.) Cooking fat, margarine and vegetable oils can be very bad for birds and make them sick or damage the waterproofing on their feathers. Lard and beef suet on their own are fine as they are pure fat but other types should be avoided.

7.) Did you know that lots of birds like to eat insects!? You can buy and put out mealworms for a tasty treat for your feathered friends throughout the year. You can even culture your own if you’re feeling brave! Find out how to breed your own mealworms here.

8.) Finally, to find out more about how to help birds this winter and take part in some fun activities including making your very own bird feeder, head down to KidZania this half term to take part in our RSPB pop-up!