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A GREAT day at the return of STEM Fair!

STEM Fair returns & #ChristmasAtKidZania fun!

Thursday 20th December 2018
Sponsored Post Written by Franca Desjardins - KidZania Blog Ambassador

Hello again KidZania London Blog readers!

Hello again KidZania London Blog readers!

This is Franca from A Moment With Franca, one of Kidzania’s Blog Ambassadors checking in following another successful event in the city! We visited KidZania for their STEM Fair on Sunday 9th December and took part in lots of new workshops for the day! 

Back by popular demand - this was the 2nd STEM Fair at KidZania this year and kids were able to participate in some new exciting activities which were specifically created to promote Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths skills! Fantastic right!?

There were workshops available from the Royal Aeronautical Society, NHS Blood and Transplant with Team Margot & national charity WaterAid!

Royal Aeronautical Society Workshop!

Royal Aeronautical Society Workshop!

The first workshop that we did was with the Royal Aeronautical Society! They are a registered charity and membership organisation made up of people who work in aerospace and aviation. It was very interesting to see how much they are encouraging kids to get involved no matter what their gender or age! They also reassured us that kids with dyslexia or even dyscalculia like Bella can also be involved. I thought that was great to hear. 

The Royal Aeronautical Society were running a cool workshop where kids were able to do hands-on designing activities and they were encouraging kids to discover what it is like to be an aeronautical engineer! The girls made paper planes and they had so much fun making them fly! They were also involved in designing and colouring their own planes!

NHS Blood and Transplant Workshop!

NHS Blood and Transplant Workshop!

We then stopped by the NHS Blood and Transplant workshop. They are a Special Health Authority dedicated to saving and improving lives! They attended KidZania on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December to raise awareness about blood donation and how important blood donors are to help continue to provide their life-saving service.

I was very intrigued and curious to find out how this works. After listening to the lady that explained all we need to know about being a blood donor as well as answering all our questions, Nick & I decided to register. So now we will now be officially donating blood 3 times a year for me and 4 times a year for Nick. Hurrah! We should all try to do this because we will be saving lives doing this so I hope I can persuade all of you to do it too, if you don’t already. 

As part of the registration we were also able to find out our blood type. The lady did a small test and confirmed we are both: O+. 

Kids were also able to get a Team Margot Social Science Degree at the KidZania University thanks to the Team Margot Charity. This degree aims to raise awareness about stem cell & bone marrow transplants, teaching kids about transplants, helping others and the work of Team Margot! A fantastic idea right?

WaterAid Workshop!

WaterAid Workshop!

We also talked with the people at WaterAid. They are an international non-profit organisation and their aim is to provide clean water and toilets to communities around the world.

They were hosting a cool augmented reality and virtual reality experience taking them on a across the world to show how clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene impacts everyone, everywhere! It was really good for the girls to learn a little bit more about how privileged we are to have water in our homes while in some countries getting water easily is sadly something they lack. Bella loved using the iPad and watching how the image came to life!



Finally, we were very excited to see KidZania so festive! They were fully in the Christmas spirit and you were able to feel it in every corner - the whole city was decorated lovely! We LOVE Christmas so it was really nice to join the #ChristmasAtKidZania fun! 

There were Christmas Carol workshops for kids to practice Christmas songs before going on to the balcony to sing them to everyone at KidZania! We watched some of the children singing and it was lovely!

They are offering lots of other festive activities in the city throughout December too, like for example, a festive dance in the Theatre, Christmas deliveries at the courier service, Christmas face painting, getting a Christmas degree at the University Elf School and lots more! Click the button below to explore more about #ChristmasAtKidZania! 

We had a fantastic time at the KidZania STEM Fair as well as seeing the Christmas activities that are currently taking place. I am sure everyone who attended enjoyed it too.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to check the KidZania social channels for more photos and videos of the day! And that is all from me! I hope to be back soon to report on another exciting event! If you see us around KidZania, don't be shy, come and say hello to us! :-) 

Bye bye,


Franca (A Moment With Franca)
Blog Ambassador for KidZania London

WANT TO SEE MORE? Click below to watch the STEM Fair highlights video on the KidZania UK YouTube channel!