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What To Expect From Your Visit

In the Classroom...

In the Classroom...

Before you visit KidZania with your class, explore our Downloadable Learning Resources! Additionally, why not check out our range of activities so your pupils can decide what they would like to get involved in.

Click the button below to see the KidZania London Map and plan a visit with your pupils!

Don't forget to buy your class packed lunches before you arrive or bring your own - we will store these and bring them to you when it is time for your lunch break in the city!

Arriving at Check-In!

Arriving at Check-In!

At check-in all pupils and adults will be given security bracelets, these ensure that all children are safe and no members of the group can leave without being together! Here your pupils will also be given 50 kidZos (our special KidZania currency) to use in and around the city whilst they work, earn & play!

Once inside, school groups will then have a City Briefing - all about how KidZania works, choosing activities, using your kidZos and where to meet for lunch! Now you're all set, your pupils will have 4 hours to explore the city and activities on offer!

Exploring the City!

Exploring the City!

We find on average children complete between 4-6 activities during their 4-hour experience. Once pupils have chosen an activity, they will need to stay in the queue so they do not lose their space. We encourage kids to earn and save, then spend later so keep an eye for the quick jobs you can earn more kidZos at!

Please note that activities on the Upper Level of our city will open 1-hour after we open (times may vary).

Financial literacy, independence, creativity & building valuable skills!

Financial literacy, independence, creativity & building valuable skills!

Our range of activities teach children lots of important skills in line with the National Curriculum and their learning in the classroom!

Develop pupils' knowledge of financial literacy by encouraging them to earn and save by doing salary-based jobs. Kids can even save 75 kidZos to open up their very own bank accounts and they can spend their earnings in the shop when checking-out! This is a key part of their experience so please account for an extra 15 minutes on top of the experience in the City. 

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