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Careers Fair 2020

Careers Fair is back!

Careers Fair is back!

In 2020, here at KidZania London, we will be hosting a multitude of events that give children the opportunity to open a door into their future and look to what they may become!

Our first event will be from the  21st – 23rd January 2020

Our second careers event will coincide with the National Careers Week from the 3rd – 5th March 2020!

Careers Fair 2020 will give those in both primary and secondary education the opportunity to have a look at a world of possibilities for them and their potential in the world of work. You'll get the chance to have a look at what careers are available, learn how you'll get the chance to put your subject skills into practice in the real world and connect with real people in the roles that you may take on yourself one day.

Creating Access!

Creating Access!

In a 2019 report published by Founders4Schools, 5 key factors were identified as essential for the implementation of good Careers Education, including "Authenticity, Progression, More is more, Open-mindedness and Universality" - a principle we seek especially to implement in order to provide access for all children regardless ofcircumstance or background. 

The non-profit organization National Careers Week emphasizes the significance of empowerment for young people who, through an early introduction to topics related to careers, are able to build a confidence that allows them to look to their future brightly.

We are bringing all of this with tips, insights and the support of many brand partners to Careers events here at KidZania London!

What Workshops will be available during Careers 2020?

21st – 23rd January 2020

This event encourages in particular secondary schools - also inviting students in the transition period from the end of KS2 - KS3 (Year 5 - Year 9) - to join us in ticking off one of their Gatsby benchmarks by attending our Careers Fair. The following workshops will be available on a rotation basis:

  • CV writing workshop (for 9+ years)
  • Interview skills workshop (for ages 9+ years)
  • Careers - related workshops (for ages 6+ years)

3rd – 5th March 2020

As part of National Careers Week, we will be running our Careers Fair again but for primary and secondary students. We will be inviting our brand partners in to assist in running their jobs in our City, giving pupil’s a chance to meet employers and employees and to have first-hand experience of what it’s like in their careers. Confirmed partners will be listed here, keep checking our website for more details. Plus, the following workshops will also be available on a rotation basis:

  • CV writing workshop (for 7+ years)
  • Careers - related workshops (for ages 6+ years)

CV writing workshop

In this workshop, pupils can explore why and how we write CVs, understanding the different components and using descriptive words needed to create one. They will have a chance to write their own CV and to continue building on their experience and skills by discovering jobs in the city. Once pupils have collected five jobs on their CV, they can then go to the Job Information Centre and receive a Letter of Recommendation from our team!

Interview skills workshop

Pupils will learn the do’s and don’ts of an interview and will then role-play as employee and employer in groups as if they were being interviewed for a job in our City. The groups then have a chance to decide whether they should hire the candidate or not.

Job Information Centre

Kids can head over to the Job Information Centre and follow our Careers Map to discover which job suits them most based on certain interests.

Careers-related workshops

We will be running a series of careers-related learning workshops for students to discover jobs within the industry, what skills and equipment are required to carry out these jobs well and will include a roaming activity around the city. More details to follow, please keep checking this page. Workshops will be:

  • Careers in the public service – caring for others (KS1-2 Science, PSHE, Citizenship)
  • Careers in hospitality and retail – services that enable convenience (KS2-3 Maths, Technology, PSHE)
  • Careers in entertainment – culture and digital (KS1-3 English, Technology, PSHE)

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