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Shell Activity opening with KidZania London Mayor!

The KidZania London Mayor opens our new Shell activity and explores its exciting features and equipment here in KidZania! 

Written by Kishan - KidZania London Mayor!

Kai KidZanians,

Kai KidZanians,

A few weeks ago I went to KidZania to launch the new activity - Shell Forecourt & Energy Lab. In this activity you get to put fuel in a car. There is an electric car and an unleaded car. Then we had to clean the cars. It was so much fun!

Lab Coats, Learning and Racing!

Lab Coats, Learning and Racing!

Next we went inside the Laboratory. We had to put on white lab coats. In the lab there was a racing track with remote control cars. We learnt about the different types of energy. Then we had the chance to make our own biofuel. We had lots of test tubes with different coloured liquids inside them. We had to use a pipette to transfer the liquids into a beaker. Then we poured the solution into the pipe and it went inside our cars. Our cars flashed to tell us that they were full of fuel. Then we had a race. There were lots of crashes, but it was all so much fun. This is one of my favourite activities and I would recommend doing it to anyone.

See you soon!

Kishan Shah

Mayor of KidZania London