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During the whole month of June, we’re focussing on STEM and how it impacts the world of work. Children will be able to receive a first-hand experience of applying the subjects they learnt in school to real-life jobs.

Learning outcomes KS1-3:

Science – develop their knowledge of how the human body functions using organs and blood, the difference between invertebrae and vertebrae in animals and renewable energy

Technology – gain an understanding of how animation works, application of coding and 3D designs

Engineering – insight into aviation engineering in the world of work

Maths – application of subtraction and addition

PSHE – grow a broad understanding of STEM subjects applied to the world of work, value of money and financial management

Download our worksheets and certificate so your students can get involved and take away what they’ve learnt whilst at KidZania.


Health and Energy

Kids can discover how the human and animal bodies stay alive at the Hospital and Pet Wellbeing Centre, here they will harness their Key Stage 1-3 Science education in organ functions and the difference between animal groups when performing surgery. 

At the Shell Forecourt and Energy Lab, pupils can learn all about why we need cleaner energy, and how scientists and engineers are developing fuels of the future to power our cars and homes. With real cars on the forecourt and a mini racetrack in the lab, young scientists will discover the real-world applications of their science learning at school.

Design and Coding  

Within the Nintendo Labo Workshop, makers discover new and innovative ways of expanding their creativity in gaming! From cardboard to game, kids will assemble and design their own RC cars in the MAKE Station and then move on to the DISCOVER Station where they bring creations to life using the Nintendo Switch consoles.  

From 14th June, we will also be reintroducing our 'Binary for Beginners' degree with Alan Turing Institute. Pupils will be learning about what ASCII coding is using a simple '8 bits' code against the alphabet. They'll get a chance to code their name and create a bracelet or keyring of their coded initials. We may also have a new 'Coding 101' degree with Children's Intelligence Agency, more details to follow. Please check the schedule outside the University.

Aviation and Construction

Kids can choose to be a flight attendant or cadet pilots in our Aviation Academy. As flight attendants, they will inform passengers about safety and service, including the importance of emergency exits and using a life jacket! If they decide to be a cadet pilot, they will receive training on a state-of-the-art flight simulator based on an actual A-319 plane. Pilots will be expected to learn and know both the insides and out of a place, as well as the mechanics and design behind flying.


Counting and Currency

Are you ready to take on one of the most important and responsible jobs in the City? As a VaultGuard, kids will leaen why using UV light plays a vital part in knowing when notes are real or fake. They must count and sort money from all inbound and outbound deliveries and deliver or collect kidZos around the City.

Children can also take on the role of a K-Market employee within either the bakery, meat counter or pharmacy. They will need to count money and provide the correct change to customers, testing their numeracy skills at the checkout as a cashier. Will there be any unexpected items in the bagging area?


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