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The New Roles Models

“Children can only aspire to what they know exists...”

Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE - Director of Education, KidZania

In 2017, research revealed that more than three quarters of children aged 6 to 17 years aspired to be YouTubers, vloggers and bloggers. Children would rather learn how to use video editing software rather than studying traditional subjects such as maths and history. YouTube stars had undoubtedly been enjoying a lengthy run of celebrity status with young audiences, maximising upon their role model status and influencer power, but….is that all about to change?

Well, according to recent research by Kids Insights, there appears to have been a seismic shift in children’s aspirations over the past few months with scientists, teachers, supermarket workers, doctors and nurses, now the new superheroes of the COVID-19 generation.

Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE, Global Director of Education at KidZania, advises that children can only aspire to what they know exists” and over the past few months it has become clear that children have witnessed and experienced the value of rewarding jobs and careers. The pandemic has had a huge impact on children’s personal aspirations for the future.”

At KidZania we believe that now, more than ever, it is vital we inspire and educate our global citizens of the future by facilitating the experiences that lead to the discovery of positive role models. Playing our part in helping children to answer the question “Who do you want to become?” instead of “What do you want to be?” is essential to guide them towards success. 

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