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Key Stage 3 Info & Resources

Download our KS3 resources to ensure your class get the most out of their visit to KidZania London.

Learning materials cover Activity Worksheets, Pre-Visit Lesson Plan, Post-Visit Lesson Plan and KidZania Board Game.

CLICK HERE for our KS3 Educational Visit Pack

PRE VISIT: Students will use discussion in order to learn, elaborating and explaining their thoughts and ideas. They will utilise their formal mathematical knowledge to interpret and solve problems with the currency of KidZos. Pupils can undertake a realistic self assessment of their skills and abilities with preparation for writing personal targets and goals. Pupils will recognise what a ‘career’ is, how they differ and the value that individuals attach to them.

POST VISIT: Students demonstrate a clear ability to discuss and elaborate on their skills as an individual and recognise their strengths and weakness in preparation for writing their CV. Written work should be concise and note the pupils self-awareness. Through this exercise, pupils will form a fully written CV ready for a formal introduction to the world of work.