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Careers Exploration Days

Careers Exploration Days

We provide additional days for schools to book an educational visit outside of our normal operating hours. 

Schools Only days are concentrated on careers exploration, open to schools who can meet set criteria and allow focused experience within the world of work. 

  • Each day has a minimum of 15 activities open, in addition to new apprenticeships in our University, focusing on careers in industries that are prevalent in our City.
  • Prices: £14 per pupil, which includes free teacher tickets (1 in 10 for secondary, 1 in 5 for primary).

Benefits of booking your school trip for Schools Only/ Careers Exploration Days

• Students will experience practical roles within the world of work, including realistic application of financial literacy: from earning a salary, to saving in a bank account or spending on specialised training

• New apprenticeships to encourage pupils to consider careers within the industries and to proactively complete these jobs during their school trip

• Flexibility in adding more activities to tailor your school trips based on your learning requirements

• Greater choice of available dates- all highlighted on our calendar 

• Reduced queuing times for activities - schools only; no family visitors. 

Criteria that schools must meet:
• Minimum of 100 students in your booking
• Visit time 10am-2pm

Activities available!

Activities available!

We will have 15+ activities available as listed below which we have specifically chosen as either popular activities or those that provide a greater educational experience. For every 10 children added to your school trip, we will add on one more activity of your choosing. Please ask our team about the full list of activities.

These are the 15 activities that will always be available:

  • Aviation Academy (Pilot & Cabin Crew)
  • Bank
  • Pet Wellbeing Centre 
  • Fire & Rescue Unit
  • Hospital (Surgery & Maternity Unit)
  • Paramedics A&E
  • Newspaper
  • Police Department
  • Radio Station
  • Service Station & Energy Lab
  • TV Studio
  • Acting Academy
  • University Apprenticeships (3 workshops)
Examples of activities that you could add on

Examples of activities that you could add on

University Degree – These are in addition to the apprenticeships of which the school would need to choose which degree they would run. We have a variety of degree programmes focussed on Science, Maths and Politics, please ask our schools team for a full list. Pupils will be asked to pay for completing their degree but could earn extra salary for performing jobs within that degree field. Please ask our teams for more information

Children’s Intelligence Agency – as a Spy Agent, pupils will be asking to apply their computing and coding skills to save KidZania from a computer virus 

Wrap Factory – pupils will be asked to use measurement skills to weigh their ingredients and proceed to bake fresh wraps

Nintendo Labo Workshop – pupils will apply their creative skills to MAKE their own RC car and then DISCOVER a range of Nintendo creations

H&M Recycling Factory- students learn about different materials and how they can be reused into other useful resources.

Apprenticeships in our University

We would like students to understand the different career options for the future and we have launched new apprenticeships that provide a briefing of what careers are available in the industry, as well as skills and characteristics required. 

This can then be used as a base to further develop skills or knowledge at school. 

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, students will receive a certificate as accreditation. 

See below for the different types of apprenticeships you can do!

Careers in Public Services

Careers in Public Services

  • Students will gain an understanding of what jobs are available in the public services within the City of KidZania and the main quality every employee in the public service’s needs which is caring for others! 
  • To complete their workshop successfully, students will be tasked in performing interviews around the City to ask public service workers in their establishments what it takes to do their job well.

  • Learning outcomes: Curriculum links – Science, Citizenship, PSHE (Careers and World of Work); Skills – Communication (verbal), Collaboration
Careers in Hospitality and Retail

Careers in Hospitality and Retail

  • This workshop begins with an introduction to what hospitality and retail are and to discuss which jobs in our City sit in this sector. 
  • Students will be asked to roam the City and consider how technology has made services for the general public more convenient and to report back on their findings.

  • Learning outcomes: Curriculum links – Science, Technology, Maths, PSHE (Careers and World of Work); Skills – Communication (verbal), Reporting
Careers in Entertainment

Careers in Entertainment

  • Entertainment is a big part of our culture, students will learn the range of jobs prevalent in our City that provide entertainment to the general public and appear through different media like TV, radio and theatre. 
  • Students will then find hidden words around the City that provide character descriptions, setting and story themes of which the students will then need to collectively create their own story to report.

  • Learning outcomes: Curriculum links – English, Technology, PSHE (Careers and World of Work); Skills – Communication (written), Creativity