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Business & Careers Festival - Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th October 2018!

Business & Careers Festival - Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th October 2018!

Back by popular demand, on Thursday 11th - Saturday 13th October we will be hosting a 3-day Business and Careers Festival! Inspiring the business leaders of the future, activities across the three days will encourage children in Key Stages 1-3 to develop their enterprise skills as well as their financial literacy through our 'Learning by Doing' philosophy! 

For schools booking trips on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th October, children will be able to meet and greet real-life professionals* and discover what a 'Day in the Life' is like for a whole host of careers! This year, meet real-life Cabin Crew and Pilots from British Airways and one of Mission Deli's ex-award-winning chefs turned NPD Project Delivery Manager, on Thursday 11th October! Why not say hello to Westfield Police who will also be joining us with their sniffer dog side-kicks!*

Learning Outcomes: Key Stage 1-3 PSHE & Key Stage 3 Business

*Please Note: Final list of attendees to be confirmed.

Activities to look forward to include...

Activities to look forward to include...

► Explore Kidspiration, a digital hub connecting young people directly to change makers, who will be hosting workshops focusing on interview skills through fun-packed and entertaining activities. Kids will learn how to ask good questions and practice their interviewing skills with some top talent – just as if they’re the next Dick or Dom talking to some of the country’s great change makers in music, arts, science, medicine, sport and technology!

► In addition, KidsMBA will be introducing kids to key business skills to fuel their entrepreneurial flair. So often it is suggested that the school curriculum is lacking real-world life skills. KidsMBA will run workshops to fuel kid’s know-how and aptitude for business. Perfect for all those aspiring KidPreneurs!

► The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge team will be working with children to cultivate budding business and entrepreneurial leaders. The team, who run the largest school’s enterprise challenge in the UK, will be exploring the importance of marketing for businesses and harnessing students’ innate creativity to create their very own adverts! A whole range of skills will be developed in the process, with students practising teamwork and public speaking in an active and engaging way.


Check out Kidspiration's video below to find out more about their awesome work!

KidZania's KidPreneur Festival is back! - Saturday 13th October 2018

KidZania's KidPreneur Festival is back! - Saturday 13th October 2018

Join us on Saturday 13th October 2018 for this year's KidPreneur Festival! An all-day event designed to celebrate young entrepreneurship and inspire the next generation of innovators and business leaders! 

To find out more about the exciting panel of young entrepreneurs we have got joining us, click the button below!


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