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KidZania London's Mayor goes to KidZania Delhi!

KidZania London's Mayor goes to KidZania Delhi

​Kai KidZanians,

​Kai KidZanians,

In January this year, I visited KidZania Delhi NCR in India. It is huge! I got to meet some of the staff including the adult Mayor. I was greeted very warmly and was very excited. 

I had researched KidZania Delhi in London and I had a lot of jobs that I was eager to try out. 

Inside KidZania Delhi, I participated in many new jobs such as being a builder on a steel structure to learning how to drive a car and later, really driving a car! 

Also, they filmed and asked me questions about my visit and they took photos of me doing different jobs.

My favourite activity was the driving school as I have always wondered how it feels to actually drive. I also largely enjoyed the Parle sweet factory as it was really interesting how sweets are made and packaged.  

I loved visiting KidZania Delhi and would love to go again one day. Thank you to everyone who worked to make my visit so memorable.

Kishan Shah

Mayor of KidZania London