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What Is Our Time Capsule?

The past few months have given us all an opportunity to reflect but also to learn new skills and think about the future!
We have created a time capsule for children to write a letter to their future selves about how they have coped through lockdown and what they want to be when they grow up!
Would you also like to write a letter about your lockdown experience? As an adult please address it to your younger self about how lockdown has affected you, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Together the letters will be put into our time capsule and kept at KidZania London to be opened in 10 years' time, which we will share with the world!
Be a part of KidZania history and watch not only the burial of our time capsule, but our esteemed panel discussion talking about what the future may look like for our children. 
This is an extremely unique event to be a part of and one that will remain in KidZania history forever!

Download our time capsule letter template and send your creations to!
Please send in photos, videos or even drawings of what you have done during lockdown with your letters!

*This information will be adherent to our privacy policy.

Stuck for ideas for your letters? Check out this inspiring letter from Hero Brown, founder of Muddy Stilettos and how she has adapted her business during lockdown!
“Life is slower, less exciting in some ways, but also more manageable and relaxed."